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Denise S.abel, PA-c

Following graduation, Denise spent several years as First Assist in Orthopedics within the LSUMC system in Monroe, LA where she honed her knowledge and skills diagnosing, treating and assisting in surgery for patients with orthopedic injuries. Denise then transitioned from Orthopedics back to the classroom where she was a Clinical Instructor for Physician Assistant Studies at LSUMC. Knowing that her heart's desire was to have a more hands on approach in patient care, Denise completed a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases with an emphasis on research related to patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  When her Infectious Disease Fellowship was completed, Denise became a clinician in the largest family practice medical clinic serving Northeast Louisiana. Denise, and her husband Greg, made a decision to relocate to Tennessee where she continued to work in family practice medicine and eventually transitioned into the role of Lead Provider for a successful Urgent Care/After Hours pilot program being implemented by a large family practice facility in East Tennessee. Denise has a large and devoted following of patients who know that Denise's desire is to "treat patients as persons, not as transactions." Denise is dedicated to clearly understanding a patient's health concern, correctly identify and diagnose the underlying condition and then aggressively and effectively treating the condition through best practices until resolved and the patient is fully recovered.  On a more personal level, Denise is married to her husband, Greg, for 25 years. She has three adult children and seven grandchildren located in Texas. She is an animal lover and currently takes care of five dogs, two cats and a potbellied pig named "Suzie Jane." She also provides for the medical needs, food and shelter for all stray animals that show up at her door.  Denise is a natural competitor.  She is a past Rodeo Queen of Haughton, Lousiana.  She is a past Miss Congeniality Four States Fair and Rodeo of  Texarkana, TX  and 1st Runner Up of the Miss Rodeo Louisiana.  She is a past professional barrel racer and was 3rd in State for Louisiana.  Denise has also successfully bred, raised and shown award winning Bengal Cats that competed across the United States, Canada and Germany. Her Bengal Cat, "Preacher Man," received such accolades as 19th Best All Breed Short Hair Cat, 36th Best All Breed Cat, International Winner and Supreme Grand Champion 2009. Denise is a humanitarian and has a heart for those that are hurting and in need.  She occasionally takes food, clothing and blankets to those that live under the bridges in Knoxville, TN. Denise is an entrepreneur and previously started and managed a durable medical supply business, a business that was created in her garage, that successfully grew to three brick and mortar locations with annual sales greater than one million dollars revenue. Denise is a Christian with strong biblical faith. She is a member of Pathways Church of Sevierville, TN.

Denise is looking forward to seeing many of her old patients, who are very vocal about “how down to earth” Denise is in her approach to patient care.  They love her so much so that she maintained a 98.5% patient satisfaction rating from her patients.  Denise is also anxious to meet new patients across Tennessee and help them achieve wellness. Whether you are a resident, traveler, business person or vacationing in Tennessee, Denise is here to consult with you and treat your urgent and acute medical care needs.

Welcome to Easy Access Telemed hosted by Denise S. Abel, PA-C where You Are A Person And Not A Transaction. Your Healing Starts Here!

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Denise has an excellent reputation with her patients with a 98.5% patient satisfaction rating! Her patients see that she truly cares about them.
With 40 years in the medical field, 18 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and 23 years as a practicing Physician Assistant, Denise's State Certifications are unblemished and she has never been involved in any litigation over the care or treatment of her patients.
Denise is knowledgeable in orthopedic, cardiovascular, family practice medicine and acute/urgent care medicine.

"Always loved when she would be the one show up She was always very patient and thorough with everyone. Watching a clock to tell when a patient visit is over was definitely not what she's about...A true star in my book! As a PA, she always made me feel like my opinions mattered, was never belittling or etc. She always took each concern and addressed them individually. One of the few that I felt was in it for the quality of care of each individual, not the other reasons. Highly recommend!!!"  

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